How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use? [Updated 2023]

How Much Data Does Call of Duty Mobile Use Online

Do you know how much data does Call Of Duty Mobile use? Here you get COD Mobile data usage details so you can get the right data plan.

Call of Duty Mobile is a data-heavy game that can quickly eat through your monthly Mobile data plan. With its regular updates that keep coming within a short period of time, your Mobile data will finish quickly. If you have limited data plan then it will become a problem.

In this article, we will discuss how much data does COD Mobile use for playing it every day. We also provide tips to help you reduce your data usage when playing Call Of Duty battle royale on your Mobile device.

Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use Data?

Yes, Call of Duty Mobile consumes data as it requires an active internet connection to play. The COD Mobile data usage depends on your gameplay settings and preferences that you choose when playing.

Though many players have analyzed that Call of Duty Mobile data usage is not very high while playing. If you want to reduce Call of Duty Mobile data consumption, try to lower your graphics quality, and play a mode that offers smaller matches.

For your information currently, the most played Call of Duty right now is Modern Warfare II. If you haven’t played MW2 you must go for it and enjoy it’s gaming experience.

How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use Per Hour?

Usually, COD Mobile uses 35MB to 50 MB of data each hour. If you play Call of Duty Mobile straight for one hour without any break, 35MB of your data pack will be consumed.

Though the COD Mobile data usage depends on the type of graphics settings that you use while playing. If you are playing Call Of Duty mobile on high-end graphic settings then it will cost you around 50MB per hour.

How Much Data Does COD Mobile Use Per Game?

COD Mobile Data Usage

The Call Of Duty Mobile data usage for each game is around 12 MB if you are playing on low graphic settings. The average time for a COD Mobile battle royale match is 20 minutes so it will take less data than 35MB.

If you play Call Of Duty Mobile on high graphic settings then the data consumed per game will be more than 12MB. Also, there are various modes in COD Mobile which means each game uses a different amount of data.

How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use On Hotspot?

The amount of data that Call of Duty Mobile uses on a hotspot will depend on factors like graphics quality, number of players, and map size. But connection speed is an additional factor with hotspots that can result in more data usage as compared to mobile data.

With a slower hotspot connection Call Of Duty mobile data usage gets increased because the game has to send and receive more data to maintain smooth gameplay. So it will take more than the usual 35MB of mobile data per hour.

How Much Data Is Required For Playing Call Of Duty Warzone?

The estimated Call Of Duty Warzone data usage is around 175MB per hour of gameplay. It is based on match intensity and player count. If you use 4K textures then it significantly increases data usage.

The regular updates of Call Of Duty Warzone usually range from 2-30 GB. There will be additional data usage of up to 30 GB for COD Warzone updates.  So you can clearly see it is much higher than how much data does Call Of Duty Mobile use when updating & playing.

You can play for around 5 hours of Call Of Duty Warzone if you have 1GB of data. If you are a heavy gamer who plays Call Of Duty regularly for 5 hours then it will consume 30GB of data per month.

How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Use?

For online multiplayer, COD Modern Warfare 2 data usage is around 80MB -100MB per hour. This can vary based on game mode, number of players, etc. as high graphics consume more data. So playing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 online use more than 1 GB in a single day.

Also, if you download COD Modern Warfare 2 along with updates, then it will consume around 100GB – 150GB or more depending on the platform. So the Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 data usage will be around 150 GB – 200 GB per month for heavy gamers.

How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Cold War Use?

COD Cold War will consume around 15MB to 20MB for 1 hour of gameplay. So playing Call Of Duty Cold War for 1 hour every day will use a maximum of 600MB data in a month. When you download Call Of Duty Cold War online, you will need around 100GB – 150GB of data.

This data consumption is an estimation of the first-person shooter’s baseline bandwidth requirement. The actual data used by COD Cold War may vary slightly depending on specific in-game events and actions.

How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Use Online In 2023?

The Call of Duty data usage ranges between 35 MB to 175 MB per hour depending on which COD game version you are playing and your in-game settings. Here is the estimate of how much data does Call Of Duty Mobile use including its other versions:

  • Call of Duty Mobile: It uses around 35-50 MB of data per hour. The data needed here is lower due to the game being optimized for mobile devices.
  • Call of Duty Warzone: This free-to-play battle royale game takes about 175 MB per hour. Its large map and player count lead to higher data consumption when playing.
  • Call of Duty  Cold War: Another recently released COD game for console & PC consumes the 15-20 MB per hour range during online multiplayer.
  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Activison’s Modern Warfare uses approximately 80-100 MB per hour. The data demand is lower as compared to COD Warzone due to performance optimization.

How Many GB Data Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use?

The first installation of COD Mobile consumes about 1.5GB of data. Then additional maps, modes, skins, etc. will use up to 3-4GB of data.

  • Maps and Modes:  Each additional map and game mode pack in Call Of Duty is around 100-300MB in size. There are about 15-20 packs available to download optionally.
  • Resources: The COD Mobile downloads additional resources in the background while you play, which can use up to 200MB per hour of gameplay.
  • Skins and Cosmetics:  Skin packs and cosmetic items in COD Mobile can range from 10MB up to 500MB each. There are dozens available.
  • Updates: Major updates are rolled out by Call Of Duty Mobile every 1-2 months, usually 300MB – 1GB in size.

Though a fresh install is quite small, COD Mobile GB size can quickly grow in size due to downloads of optional packs and skins. Regular players may see the total install footprint in the 3-5GB range or more.

How Much GB Data Is Call Of Duty Mobile On PC?

Call Of Duty Mobile data usage on PC is 1.98GB when you download it using an emulator. The GB used by COD Mobile on PC depends on which emulator app you are using. Once you install Call Of Duty Mobile on your PC, it will use more GBs of data for additional files such as maps, skins, etc.

How To Reduce COD Mobile Data Usage? [7 Tips To Save COD Data!]

Playing Call Of Duty Mobile can cost you an enormous amount of data sometimes. If you are confused about how much data does Call Of Duty Mobile use and want to reduce its consumption then try these things:

  • Use the “Low-Quality Graphics” when playing Call Of Duty Mobile. This will reduce the amount of data needed for graphics and textures by a large amount.
  • Turn off the auto-updating in COD Mobile. This will prevent the app from downloading additional content when you’re not playing.
  • Don’t download maps, resource packs, and skins that you don’t use. Downloading these can use hundreds of MB of data very quickly.
  • Disable voice chat if you are not using it. Real-time voice chats cause a lot of COD Mobile data usage.
  • Restrict background data usage for Call Of Duty Mobile in your device settings. It prevents unnecessary mobile data use when you’re not in-game.
  • Turn on “Data Saver” mode in the mobile’s settings. This limits graphics quality and effects to save data.
  • Lower the audio quality setting within the COD game. More Call Of Duty Mobile data usage is obvious if you are using high-quality audio.

How Much Data Does COD Mobile Use To Download?

The data used to download Call Of Duty Mobile is around 2.4GB for the Android version. But how much data does COD Mobile use on other platforms might vary slightly between 2-3GB.

Does Call Of Duty Mobile Season 7 Will Use Same Data As Before?

Yes, COD Mobile season 7 will also consume around 30-50MB of data per hour. But additional one-time data will be used for downloading season 7 COD content.

Final Words On How Much Data Does Call Of Duty Mobile Use

As you know now that COD Mobile uses at least 35MB of data per hour when you play it at the lowest graphics. Call of Duty Mobile data usage is dependent on many factors including app updates and graphics used and other in-game preferences.

You can also try the tips mentioned to reduce data consumption by Call Of Duty Mobile. Now get a data plan that fits your COD Mobile data requirement  & keep playing!

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