Black Ops 1 Computer Codes [September 2023]

Black Ops Computer Code

In the world of Game, Black Ops 1 is one of the most famous games that came out in 2010. Many Gamers love this game because of the game story, Music, Graphics, and Realistic Characters, If you are a gamer then you need to know about the codes in this game that will help you to get the advantage.

So don’t worry, In this article, we will know about Black Ops 1 computer codes and they can help you to have extra fun in the game.

Is It Possible To Play Black Ops 1 On PC?

Yes, you can Play Call of Duty: Black Ops 1 on a computer. It’s available for all gamers to play and enjoy the game. That makes sure your computer has a good configuration for the game to play smoothly. 

  • PC (Personal Computer)
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • Wii
  • Nintendo DS

If you have these types of gaming consoles then you can enjoy the Black Ops 1 Pc Game on your Device.

What Are The Most Popular Black Ops 1 Computer Codes?

If you are a pro Call of Duty Black Ops 1 Player and want to know the most popular Black Ops 1 computer code. So here is the list of popular Black Ops 1 computer Cheat Codes:

Black Ops 1 Cheat CodeEffect
NOCLIPWalk through walls and obstacles
GODBecome invulnerable
GIVE AMMOGet infinite ammunition
MAP [LEVEL]Unlock specific game levels
ZOMBIEAccess Zombie Mode
UFOFly around the map
GIVE ALLGet all weapons and equipment
NOTARGETEnemies won’t target you
THIRDPERSONSwitch to third-person view
DEMIGODPartial invincibility
GIVE CASHGain in-game currency
JUMP_HEIGHTAdjust jump height
TIMESCALEChange game speed (time manipulation)
GIVE HEALTHRestore health
GIVE POINTSAcquire points or currency
GODMODEAnother code for god mode
SF_USE_IGNOREAMMO 1Ignore ammo restrictions
SF_USE_BW 1Black and white mode (cool visual effect)
SF_USE_INVERT 1Invert colors (unique visual twist)
SF_USE_CHAPLIN 1Charlie Chaplin mode (for fun)

These are the best Black Ops 1 PC cheat codes, you can use them to get some extra attractive features in the game.

How To Enter Cheat Codes In Black Ops 1 PC?

If you are a Black Ops 1 Player and want to know how to enter and get cheat codes in Black Ops 1 game then you need to follow the below-given instructions:

  • Pause Game: If you are playing Black Ops 1 game on your computer then press the stop button to get cheat codes.
  • Access the Cheats Menu: After Pause, Look for an option called Cheats or Cheat Codes in the pause menu.
  • Enter the Code: Click on the “Enter Code” option, then insert the cheat code you want to use.
  • Activate the Cheat: After Entering the cheat code confirm the cheat code to activate it.

Now you can see your cheat code is activated you can play your Black Ops 1 computer codes Game.

Where Can I Find A List Of All Black Ops 1 Computer Codes?

If you are finding Black Ops 1 computer cheat codes, Then you are at the right place. is the best platform to get all kinds of cheat code, Also Black Ops 1 regularly share on its official website and their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and Twitter. You can follow their social media accounts to get Black Ops 1 Computer Codes.

You can also get other game cheat codes like Lords Mobile Redemption Codes.

Can I Get Banned For Using Codes In Black Ops 1 Game PC?

Yes, If you are using Black Ops 1 computer codes every time then you will get banned from the game. Because Black Ops 1 privacy policy is very strict they don’t allow anyone to use cheat codes on their games. So, if you are using codes in the Black Ops 1 Game then you can get banned from the game, We suggest not using cheat codes every time.

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Secret Maps Unlock Codes In Black Ops 1 Computer Codes

Secret Maps Unlock Codes

Want to play the Black Ops 1 game with Secret Maps then we will tell you how you can unlock secret map in the Black Ops 1 game. Check the below list we will give you some codes to unlock secret maps:

  • DOA – This code will Unlock the Dead Ops Arcade game mode.
  • 3ARC UNLOCK – You can use this code to unlock Zombie mode.
  • 3ARC INTEL – This code Unlocks your all intel in the game.
  • 3ARC UNLOCK – This code is very amazing for unlocking the 5 maps for Zombies mode.
  • ALICIA – This powerful code Unlocks the Alicia virtual therapist computer.

These are some Codes that will help you to unlock the Black Ops 1 secret maps.

How Do I Enable Console Commands In Black Ops 1 Pc?

To enable console commands in Black Ops 1 on PC, follow these steps:

  • Open the Black Ops 1 game.
  • Go to the menu section.
  • Select Game Options in the menu.
  • Search Enable Console and Select it to Yes.
  • While you are playing the Block Ops 1 Game, just press the “~ key on your keyboard. You’ll usually find this key below the “Esc” key. This will open the console for you.
  • Now you can enter various commands to modify the game but use them responsibly and only in single-player mode, as using cheats in multiplayer can lead to bans or penalties.

Are There Any Secret Computer Codes In Black Ops 1?

No, there are no secret computer codes in Black Ops 1. 

How Do I Find Computer Codes In Black Ops 1?

To find computer codes in Black Ops 1, you can follow Black Ops 1 social media accounts and official website.


In conclusion, Black Ops 1 Computer codes are very helpful to unlock some extra features in the game. But please do not use it every time to get benefits from it, the game will be banned if you use these codes in the multiplayer mode. You can unlock some secret maps, weapons, characters, and more by using these codes.

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