How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Mobile? [COD GB Size Mobile]

How many gb is Call of duty mobile?

How Many GB is Call of Duty Mobile? To know the full information you must read our guide till the end. As it’s important to know before installing how many giga bytes Call of Duty needs. Therefore, in this article, you will know all the details of how much GB Call of Duty Mobile need on both iOS & Android.

Whether you’re looking to free up space or manage space for the installation. We’ve outlined how many gigabytes you’ll need to play Call of Duty Mobile on the go. Therefore, continue reading the detailed guide on GB COD Mobile and know all the information in detail.

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty?

The storage of Call of Duty ranges from 70GB to 200 GB depending upon the devices & the resources installed. Therefore below we have mentioned several file sizes so that you will understand how much GB is Call of Duty Mobile.

  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
    • PC & PS5: 125GB minimum, over 200GB with all content
    • Xbox Series X/S: 70-100GB
  2. Call of Duty: Vanguard:
    • Up to 100+ GB on PC with updates
    • 61GB on PS5 at launch, higher now
    • 42GB on Xbox Series X/S at launch
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare:
    • Currently over 200GB on PC with all updates and add-ons
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War:
    • Around 200GB on PC and next-gen with updates
  5. Call of Duty: Warzone:
    • Currently 175GB on its own on a PC

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Mobile Season 10?

The update for Call of Duty Season 10 Mobile is 1.5GB. With the update, the total storage needed is about 19.27GB for COD Mobile Season 10. The minimum space required for COD Season 10 mobile on Android is 3.6GB & 2.7GB on iOS. 

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

How many gb is Call of duty Modern Warfare 2?

The GB Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 requires is of 125 GB minimum space on any device. However, COD Modern Warfare 2 size varies across different platforms depending upon how many game resources are installed. 

So, the GB required for Call of Duty MD2 on PC & PS5 is a minimum of 125 GB & maximum of 200 GB. On Xbox Series X/S file size of Call of Duty will be 70-100GB on and around.

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Black Ops 3?

The download size for Call of Duty Black Ops III is around 43GB. With a 10 Mbps internet connection, the estimated download time for the 43GB game would be about 10 hours. Though if you have a faster 30 Mbps connection, then the estimated download time would be approximately 3 and a half hours for the 43GB Black Ops III install.

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare PS4?

The install size for Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS4 is 35.490GB & Call of Duty Modern Warfare PS5 GB required is 2.541GB. Additionally, the individual data packs require much more storage space on PS4 versus PS5. For example, the first campaign pack takes up around 7GB on PS4, while the second campaign pack is approximately 11.598GB.

How Much GB Does Call Of Duty Mobile Take?

The base install size for Call of Duty Mobile is around 1.6GB. However, the total storage space used can increase over time as you download updates, caches, and additional game data. The factors which are affecting the file size are device resolution, graphics settings are chosen, and how much extra content like maps and modes are downloaded.

How Much Storage Is Call Of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile requires 3.6 GB of storage on Android and 2.7 GB on iOS. The total storage space may increase over time. You can save storage by only downloading the content you need, clearing the cache, and uninstalling unused apps.

How Many Gigabytes Is Call Of Duty?

The Gigabytes Call of Duty games is not fixed as it depends upon the device, therefore refer to the table shown below for the information.

GamePlatformStorage Size
Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019)PC175 GB
Call of Duty WarzonePC133.6 GB
Call of Duty Black Ops Cold WarPC100 GB
Call of Duty VanguardPC90 GB
Call of Duty MobileAndroid and iOS3.6 GB

Note: These are the minimum storage requirements for COD as the actual size may increase depending on the device & its resources.

Is 3GB Ram Enough For COD: Mobile?

Yes, 3GB of RAM for Call of Duty Mobile is enough to run smoothly. COD Mobile requires a minimum of 2GB RAM to function but with 3GB RAM, you will get great performance.

However, to enable high graphics or play Battle Royale mode, you may encounter some lag with only 3GB RAM. Therefore, you need to optimize performance, lower graphics settings, close background apps, or restart your phone before playing. 

Ultimately, the best way to gauge if 3GB RAM suffices is to download COD Mobile and test it out. If you notice disruptive lag, upgrading to a device with more RAM may be necessary. But for many, 3GB provides a very playable experience for this action-packed mobile game.

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Cold War?

Call of Duty Cold War storage size on PC is 175GB, Playstation 4 95GB, Playstation 5 133GB, Xbox One 93GB, and Xbox Series X/S 136GB.

How Many GB Is Call Of Duty Warzone 2?

The GB Call of Duty Warzone 2 is between 55-70GB on consoles and 22-24GB on PC. Though a few additional pieces of content added post-launch may increase the total storage needed.