Black Ops 2 Guns [Call Of Duty Bo2 Guns]

Black Ops 2 Guns

If you’re looking for the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guns for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. So, available here. With previous COD games, the Create-A-Class system lets you choose your weapon loadout. You can even opt-out and simply use a defensive weapon, giving you more capacity for benefits and equipment.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2, released in 2012, remains an iconic entry in the franchise, known for its thrilling multiplayer experience and diverse array of weaponry. Bo2 weapons, short for Black Ops 2 guns, have left an unforgettable mark on gaming history, shaping the way players sense first-person shooter games.

We have details for Bo2 guns in this article, discussing the iconic handguns that players exerted in Black Ops 2 guns and how these weapons added to the overall gameplay experience.

How Many Guns Are In Black Ops 2 List?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 (COD Black Ops 2) has countless weaponry that players can use in both multiplayer and single-player modes

Here is a list of the relative groups of weapons available in Black Ops 2:

  • Assault Rifles: There are 8 assault rifles available, including the AN-94, M8A1, and M27. Assault rifles are versatile all-purpose weapons effective at medium to long range.
  • Submachine Guns: 7 fast-firing SMGs for close-quarters combat include the MP7, PDW-57, and Chicom CQB. 
  • Light Machine Guns: 6 LMGs provide high-capacity firepower like the LSAT, QBB LSW, and Mk 48.
  • Sniper Rifles: 5 long-range sniper rifles consist of the DSR 50, Ballista, and SVU-AS.
  • Shotguns: The KSG, M1216, and R870 MCS make up the 4 devastating shotguns.
  • Pistols: There are 5 sidearm pistols such as the Five Seven, Tac-45, and B23R.
  • Launchers: 2 rocket launchers called the RPG and FHJ-18 AA take out enemy killstreaks.
  • Specials: Uniquely functional weapons like the Ballistic Knife, Crossbow, and Shield.

So in total, there are 37 different guns and weapons to use in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 guns for dominating multiplayer matches and the campaign.

What Is The Best Gun On Black Ops 2?

When it comes to the best gun in Black Ops 2, there are a few opponents from different weapon classes:

Primary Black Ops 2 Guns & Weapons:

  • AN-94: This assault rifle has a high speed of shoot and little force, making it incredibly exact at long reach. It was viewed as one of the game’s most noteworthy fundamental weapons.
  • MSMC: With a high rate of fire and good mobility, this SMG excelled at close-quarters warfare. It was a popular rushing weapon. 
  • DSR 50: The most powerful sniper rifle that could one-shot kill to the chest and above. Great for quick scoping.

Secondary Black Ops 2 Guns & Weapons:

  • KAP-40: The fast-firing automatic pistol was a top choice secondary due to its combo of power and rate of fire.
  • B23R: The three-round burst pistol offered great versatility for a secondary weapon.

Black Ops 2 Equipment:

  • C4: Allowed for setting traps and getting sneaky kills. A powerful equipment option.
  • Tactical Insertion: Useful for manipulating spawns and maintaining map control. Strong tactical choice.

COD Black Ops 2 weapons offer great variety, but guns like the AN-94, MSMC, DSR 50, KAP-40, and B23R stand out as top-tier options in their classes. The perfect loadout comes down to playstyle.

Which Guns Have The Highest Effectiveness Against Zombies?

Black Ops 2 Guns Zombies

When it comes to battling zombies in the context of Black Ops 2 or Call of Duty games, certain weapons prove to be highly effective. Black Ops 2 Guns skins offer a range of options for taking down hordes of the undead, both in multiplayer and zombie mode. 

Here’s a list of some top choices for high-effectiveness guns against Zombies :

  • Ray Gun: Known for its high damage and splash damage capabilities.
  • Galil: Offers a good balance of power and fire rate.
  • AN-94: Accurate and powerful burst rifle for precision kills.
  • MP40: High fire rate and ammo capacity for crowd control.
  • Ray Gun Mark II: An upgrade with even more devastating effects.
  • Pack-a-punched weapons: Enhanced versions of standard guns for added power.
  • Mustang and Sally: Dual-wielded Pack-a-Punched revolvers for massive damage.
  • Blundergat: Shotgun-type weapon for close encounters.

These Bo2 guns vary in effectiveness across Call of Duty zombie maps, but each contributes to your survival in COD Black Ops 2 games, providing various ways to mow down zombies.

What Is The Maximum Level Of Weapon Prestige In Black Ops 2?

In COD Black Ops 2, the maximum level of weapon prestige is two. Players can prestige their weapons twice, which allows for the unlocking of unique symbols and challenges. This feature is integral to the Black Ops 2 Guns multiplayer experience, adding a layer of depth and replayability. 

However, it’s worth noting that the game itself might pose challenges COD on low-end PCs, as the hardware requirements could impact performance. Despite potential performance issues, the ability to importance Bo2 guns twice improves the gameplay by enabling players to master various weapons and earn rewards. 

This system enhances the longevity of Black Ops 2 Guns multiplayer and adds an engaging dimension to the overall COD Black Ops 2 weapons experience.

Which Shotgun Is Considered The Most Powerful In Black Ops 2?

When it comes to powerful shotguns in Black Ops 2, the KSG stands out as the top choice:

  • KSG: This bullpup 12 gauge shotgun has an incredible one-shot kill range compared to other shotguns. When aiming down sights, it has no spread, making its shots very accurate.
  • R870 MCS: A pump-action shotgun with high damage at close range. Not as long-reaching as the KSG, but still potent up close.
  • M1216: An automatic shotgun that trades range for volume of fire. Good for clearing rooms when used properly.
  • S12: A semi-auto shotgun with fast follow-up shots, but less damage per pellet than the KSG or R870.

The KSG’s bullpup design gives it far better range than other Bo2 shotguns. Add perks like Long Barrel and Laser Sight, and the KSG becomes extremely deadly in multiplayer. For one-shot kill ability at medium range, the KSG stands out as the most powerful shotgun in Black Ops 2.

Are There Any Energy-Based Weapons In Black Ops 2?

Black Ops 2, part of the COD Black Ops 2 games, features several energy-based weapons in its multiplayer mode. These futuristic firearms are unique additions to the game’s weapons, providing players with various war options. 

Energy-based weapons, like the XPR-50 sniper rifle with its Variable Zoom scope, and the M8A1 assault rifle, use directed energy to deliver high-velocity shots. The game’s setting in 2025 allows for the integration of these advanced technologies. 

However, it’s important to note that despite its energy-based design, the game retains its mature Call of Duty age rating due to its extreme violence and action-packed gameplay. In summary, Black Ops 2 Guns multiplayer introduces players to a variety of energy-based weaponry, enhancing their COD Black Ops 2 weapons experience.

Is There A Way To Unlock All Weapons In The Black Ops 2 Campaign?

Unfortunately, it is absolutely impossible to open each and every weapon in the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 campaign mode. The campaign features a set advanced system with preset load-outs for each mission.

While you can find and choose different guns dropped by enemies during levels, you are limited to the weapons designated for that part of the campaign. So you cannot access all multiplayer guns or customize load-outs in Black Ops 2 guns story mode.

The only way to use all COD Black Ops 2 weapons is by playing multiplayer matches and ranking up to reach higher-level unlocks. Or in local modes like Custom Games where loadouts can be customized outside of create-a-class restrictions.

So while the Black Ops 2 campaign is quite lengthy for an FPS at nearly 7 hours long, you are limited to the guns the storyline provides. To try out all the great Bo2 guns, players have to jump into the various multiplayer modes.

This contributes to the uniqueness of the game and the overall experience of one of the longest Call of Duty campaigns.

Are There Any Restrictions On Using Certain Black Ops 2 Weapons In Specific Multiplayer Game Modes?

Generally, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 guns allow you to utilize any weapon you have opened in your custom classes across all online multiplayer modes. The make-a-class system gives you adaptability in building load-outs custom-made to various playstyles.

However, some game modes do restrict certain weapons or equipment to fit the mode’s design. For example, the One in the Chamber mode limits players to just a pistol and knife. Sharpshooter mode rotates through preset weapon load-outs for all players.

Outside of these specialized modes though, any gun in your arsenal can be equipped for standard team deathmatch, domination, etc. So Black Ops 2 Guns skins provide good weapon freedom in multiplayer.


Black Ops 2 offers a unique gameplay experience, both in its campaign and multiplayer modes. While players cannot unlock all weapons upfront in the campaign like in the multiplayer mode, this intentional design choice enhances the narrative’s immersion and strategic challenges. 

The gradual introduction of Bo2 guns aligns with the storyline’s progression, maintaining the game’s integrity. This approach highlights the diversity of weaponry in the COD Black Ops 2 guns game and ensures that players engage with each mission uniquely. 

The game’s balance between narrative-driven campaign and dynamic multiplayer has contributed to its status as one of the enduring titles in the Call of Duty franchise.

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