Why Is Call Of Duty Mobile So Easy? Find Out Now

Why Is Call Of Duty Mobile So Easy?

Are you Curious to know why Call of Duty Mobile so easy compared to other games? Find out now and resolve your all queries related to COD now.

Call of Duty Mobile has been crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience because of its easy-to-use, well-designed maps and balanced weapons. The developers have also added features like auto-aiming to help players aim more accurately, particularly on touchscreen devices.

Additionally, the COD user-friendly interface and straightforward gameplay mechanics contribute to its accessibility and make Call Of Duty Mobile So Easy.

In this article, we’re going to explore some reasons why is COD mobile so easy as compared to other games, So let’s move on to the article without wasting any time.

Why COD Mobile Seems So Easy?

COD Mobile is made to be easier than the big COD games on consoles and computers. The controls are simple for touchscreens. The maps are small. There are helps like aim assist. Matches are fast and not super competitive. There are bot players, but not all real people. That makes getting kills and Call of Duty mobile so easy. COD Mobile wants to be fun and arcade-like. Not a hardcore shooter game so any mobile gamer can play and have fun. 

It’s not meant to be intense and competitive like the big COD games. So it feels easy because it’s designed for casual quick play on phones, That’s why Call of Duty Mobile so easy.

Is Call Of Duty Mobile Intentionally Designed To Be Easier?

Yes, Call of Duty Mobile is made easier on purpose. The developers designed it to be more casual and accessible compared to the console and PC COD games. There are a few key reasons:

  • The controls are simplified for touchscreens. This makes it easier to aim, move, and shoot.
  • The maps are smaller than normal COD maps. This makes engagements faster and close-range.
  • There are aim assists and auto-fire options. These help players aim and hit targets.
  • Matches are shorter and less competitive. This lowers the intensity.
  • Bot players make matches easier by giving enemies that aren’t as skilled.

Overall, COD Mobile is meant to provide a fun, arcade-style mobile experience. It’s not focused on intense competition like the core COD games. Making the gameplay more forgiving and approachable was an intentional design choice. So yes, Call of Duty mobile is easy by design.

What Factors Make Call Of Duty Mobile So Easy?

COD Mobile is designed to be a lighter, more casual version of the console and PC. The core gameplay itself has been simplified in a few key ways:

  • Weapon mechanics are easier to master. Factors like recoil, spray patterns, and handling have been toned down. Guns feel smoother and more forgiving.
  • Movement is more fluid and intuitive. Sliding, mantling, and sprinting all feel less rigid and clunky.
  • Map design is less complex. Spaces are tighter and have fewer angles, power positions, and hiding spots.
  • Team sizes are smaller. Having fewer teammates and enemies per match reduces coordinated teamplay.
  • Matches are quicker. The fast pace leaves less time for true strategy.
  • Ranked tiers are more comprehensive. You’ll get matched against pro-opponents.

These factors make Call of Duty Mobile so easy to play, that it feels smooth, snappy, and focused on jump-in-and-play fun over mastering complex shooter mechanics.

How To Become A Pro In COD Mobile?

How To Become A Pro In COD Mobile?

Practice a lot and play regularly to keep improving your skills. Fine-tune controls and settings to optimize performance. Learn recoil patterns and aim for headshots. Study pro-player load-outs, tactics, and play styles. Master map knowledge and power positions. Move unpredictably, not statically. 

Check the minimum often. Play objectives smartly, not just for kills. Critique your gameplay to fix mistakes. Keep honing your accuracy, reaction time, and movement in each match. Stay dedicated and keep learning from pros to develop your game sense and skills. That’s the key to becoming a pro in Call of Duty Mobile so easy.

Why Is COD Mobile So Easy With Controller?

Using a controller makes playing Call of Duty Mobile COD cross-platform easier. Controllers let you aim and shoot better than just using the touchscreen. The controls on a controller are also more familiar to people who play COD on consoles and PC. 

With a controller, you can aim precisely and move exactly where you want. This makes it easier to hit targets and control recoil. So controllers give an advantage in COD Mobile because aiming and shooting are more accurate compared to tapping the screen.

Why Is Call Of Duty Mobile So Laggy?

COD Mobile can lag because it requires good internet speed and connection to run smoothly. Playing on a weaker internet network or one with a poor Wi-Fi signal will make it laggy. Having lots of apps running that use bandwidth in the background can also slow down COD Mobile.

Using an older phone with less processing power can cause lag too. Graphics set too high for your phone to handle smoothly can also create lag. So lag comes from a combination of poor internet connection, older/slower devices, too many background processes, and graphics settings too high for the phone’s capability.

How To Get Rid Of Bots In Call Of Duty Mobile?

The main way is to rank up your account level. At lower levels, you get matched with more bots. As you rank up, you will face more real players and fewer bots. Playing ranked multiplayer matches removes most bots too. 

Inviting friends to play in a full team removes all bots. Reaching higher ranked tiers in ranked modes also means playing with mostly real players instead of bots which makes Call of Duty mobile so easy. So ranking up your account, playing ranked, and teaming with friends are the best ways to remove bot opponents.

Is It Easy To Rank Up In COD Mobile?

Ranking up in COD Mobile takes skill, practice, and patience. Getting better aim, knowing maps, and having good load-outs help you do well in matches to earn more XP and level up quicker. Keep playing regularly and staying determined, and you can climb the ranks over time.

Who Is The Number 1 Ranked Player In COD Mobile?

The number 1 ranked player right now is iFerg from team Tribe Gaming in amongst the COD Ghost character. He has over 22,000 points and is at the top of the COD Mobile ranked leaderboards. iFerg is known for his excellent sniping skills and strategic gameplay in both multiplayer and battle royal modes. He regularly posts COD Mobile content on YouTube and streams on Twitch.

Which Is The Hardest Server In COD Mobile?

The Middle East and Africa server is considered the hardest server in COD Mobile. This region is known for having many highly skilled and competitive players. Due to the challenging opponents, ranking up and maintaining a high rank is extremely difficult on the Middle East and Africa servers compared to other COD Mobile servers.

Is COD Mobile Easier Than PUBG?

Yes, COD Mobile is easier than PUBG. COD has simpler controls and shooting. There is an aim to help to hit enemies. The guns have less recoil kick. COD has maps to see where to go, The matches are faster pace which is less hard.

Is COD Mobile Mostly Bots?

Yes, COD Mobile matches often have lots of bot players instead of all real people. The bots have names and look like real players, but are programmed with worse skill. Having bot opponents makes winning and getting kills easier for real players.

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