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Produced by Nintendo, Fire Emblem Heroes is an all-action game that features the traditional dungeon adventure with exciting battles and new challenges. The game itself revolves around the traditional elements of selecting a character and the mode that you wish to play. If you play by yourself, then you progress through the different levels of the dungeon, albeit with little change to the environment and battle foes. Check the fire emblem heroes hack features for more info.

One of the better features of Fire Emblem Heroes is the simple, online joystick controls that are relatively simple and intuitive to use. The left joystick operates movement and direction while the right one controls the type of attacks. Hit is once for a basic attack and three times to execute the combo. Its very simple to use and allows for some flexibility when fighting.

The foes you will face in Fire Emblem Heroes are quite relentless and you may find yourself using the combo attack quite often. However, the controls are also very quick, allowing you to switch up your attacks with ease. There is nothing complicated about the combat system either, simply take aim at the enemies that are surrounding you and hack away. Naturally, this game gets more difficult as you ascend to each level.

At first, you face some rather meek skeletons and crawling torsos that are standard fare in dungeons. But as you progress the enemies become tougher and more dangerous. Also as you go through the dungeon, youll find magic potions and health aids to help you tap up to three special abilities that will let you destroy whatever challenge is in front of you. Admittedly, fighting is pretty much what Fire Emblem Heroes is all about, but as a fighting game it does feature excellent graphics and a great online system to play with your friends.

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