Black Ops 2 Maps Leaked

Black Ops 2 Maps has been leaked, The new call of duty part will take place in some new places this year including Los Angeles, Krygyzstan, Hollywood, Chinese supercarrier, Pakistan, Indian Ocean, Panama, Mynamar Jungles, Yemen and Singapore

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The whole map pictures which contains the maps’ images and their description was posted by thetechgame, thanks to them, We still have the “DLC” maps not leaked yet. Check out the pictures below.

black ops 2 maps

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Black ops 2 multiplayer reveal developer commentary

Black Ops 2 designer David Vonderhaar is back, David Vonderhaar is the game design director at Treyarch, he has added a vid about his point of view on Black Ops 2 Multiplayer reveal trailer. Vonderhaar has covered many features present at the gameplay including the variation of classes and classes setup.

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